Store policies


Prices are listed with our products and we reserve the right to change these prices on the Daisywood website at any time. Prices are listed in Australian dollars. If for any reason we cannot process your payment at checkout we will contact you.


Please review all details provided before you finalise your orders. Paying particular attention to any details you wish to have added to your fingerprint guest book or guest tree;  e.g. Correct spelling and format of your name/s and the date. Daisywood will print the details as you have provided them in your order on to your fingerprint guest book. We do not offer replacements or refunds for errors made on your behalf and entered with your order. If Daisywood is responsible for these types of errors, we will replace your product free of charge without hesitation. Please check you have ordered pens and inks if required while placing your order as we do not sell these items separately.


Whilst we package our products with care and suitable for mailing, we cannot accept responsibility for damage to our products once they have been dispatched, or for products that may be lost or stolen in transit. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to our products by Australia Post.


If you believe you have received one of our products and believe it is flawed or faulty, please contact us immediately.  Please send a photograph displaying the fault if possible for assistance.


We do not sell our inks and pens separately. They are available with guest book orders only.


Whilst some images of our products that appear on our website that are framed, we do not supply the frames with our products. If you wish to enquire about frames we use during our expos or with our images we are happy to tell you where we purchased these. Please email us with your enquiry through our Contact us page.


We do not offer refunds. We are more than happy to replace any faulty products if we are responsible for the fault occurring.


We reserve the right to cancel orders and terminate accounts at any time at our discretion.