FAQ about fingerprint guest books

Often we get asked questions about our fingerprint guest books and how to use them. Below are the most commonly asked questions and answers for your assistance. If you have a question and can’t find this this below, please do not hesitate to email us through our contact us page with your query or request.

Will fingerprint guest book ink stain?

The inks we provide have been especially chosen for use with our products and dry within seconds. Baby wipes used immediately after placing a fingerprint should remove any ink residue from fingers. Some of the more vibrant colours may leave a little ink residue, but your guests need not be concerned as this will disappear after a few hours with just soap and water.

What kind of ink is used for fingerprint guest books?

We provide high quality, archival inks that have excellent light fastness qualities. If you use the inks and pens we provide your fingerprint guest book should last a lifetime. For a bit more added protection, hang your fingerprint guest book in a position where it will not receive a lot of direct sunlight.

How many ink colours should I select for my fingerprint guest book?

This really is a personal choice. On average 2 or 3 different colours look great and add character to your fingerprint guest book.  Some of our designs can look really fantastic due to their style and design using 6 or 7 colours. Others can look quite stunning using just a single colour. Look at the samples throughout our website of completed fingerprint guest books for some inspiration and to assist you with the effect and shapes you are looking to achieve.

Can I order now even if my wedding is not for 6 months or more?

Certainly. You can place an order for your guest book now or whenever you are ready. You don’t need to be concerned about the ink pads drying up etc. Our ink pads and prints are such high quality they can be stored perfectly until your special day. Even if you want to take your ink pads for a test run, you can. Just place them in an airtight container after you have opened them and they will be perfectly fresh on your special day. Our own test inks are over two years old and are still performing perfectly even after being used at our wedding expos where they are left open all day long. We supply you with a list of tips and instructions with your order and all of these details and more are included for your assistance. We also supply some testing paper for you as we know you can’t resist opening your inks!

Do you provide frames?

No, we don’t provide frames. We think this is a personal choice as some customers may want to get a custom frame made to suit their décor. Our products are designed to fit in most ready made frames available in Australia.

What kind of paper do you use?

We use high quality artist card that is of archival quality and acid free. The paper we supply has been selected after much sampling and testing to provide the best product for our customers when using the inks and pens we provide.

Do you supply your prints on canvas?

No we don’t supply on canvas. Canvas is a poor product material choice for fingerprint guest books. The inks do not apply well to canvas and you will end up with an unprofessional finish.

What type of pens are used for fingerprint guest books??

Our pens have been carefully selected to provide you with the professional look needed for your fingerprint guest book. They are archival quality and acid free. The pens we provide with your guest books, will dry almost immediately after they are used by your guests.  Our pens have superior light fastness qualities to ensure that your fingerprint guest book will last you a lifetime. We only supply black pens that match or compliment the pens used to draw the original designs.

How many pens will I need for my guestbook or guest tree?

Generally one pen will be fine, especially if your fingerprint guest book is being supervised. Some customers like to play it safe and have second pen on hand, just in case the first one disappears!  You wouldn’t want to spoil the look of your beautiful fingerprint guest book by having to use an ordinary pen to finish off your guestbook. Visit our product tips page for more information on how to manage your fingerprint guest book or guest tree.

How do I prepare my fingerprint guest book when it arrives?

Your guest book will arrive flat, in one of our sturdy boxes and will be all ready to use straight out of the box!  Place your fingerprint guest book in its frame and remember to remove the glass or plexi glass on the day. If you don’t want to use a frame on the day,  place your fingerprint guest book on a clean, hard, smooth surface for your guests to sign away from foods and drinks. We provide more instructions with your order on how to handle your print and also about how to store your print and inks for longer periods of time if necessary. We supply an instruction card for your guests with each order.

I don’t know what size I need?

During check out you will see a guide for print sizes and guest numbers to assist you with this decision. You can also consider how you wish your finished product to look. Fingerprints can be placed close together for one effect and further apart for another. If you would like your prints more open and further apart, select a larger size. You can always email us for guidance. Look through our website at the samples provided to assist you with this decision.

How do I organise my fingerprint guest book ?

For tips on how to manage your fingerprint guest book on your special day please visit our product tips page. We also provide more detailed information with your order.

What if all the spaces are not filled in on my fingerprint guest book?

If there are any spaces left over on your fingerprint guest book, just simply add your own fingerprints in these spaces after your guests have finished signing.  Use the ink colour/s of your choice to complete your design. To get a 50% shade of most ink colours, simply add a fingerprint and then make a second fingerprint before you re-ink. Practice this first and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to achieve this and the results.

Can couples or parents use different ink colours than their guests on their fingerprint guest book?

Absolutely! A lot of couples getting married like to put aside a special ink colour just for their own and/or other members of the bridal party’s fingerprints. These can be added as fallen leaves, underneath a guest book tree for example.  Special fingerprints can also be placed inside the Mason Jar design. Just add your special prints before your guests have access to your guest books.  Special ink colours can also be reserved for parents when fingerprint guest books are used for christenings or baby naming ceremonies etc. If you have a family event, you can select different coloured inks for different family members to show their connections. Couples announcing their elopement to their friends and families, can also add their prints first to their designs before their guests arrive to share the news!

Can I use one of your designs for just wall art without customisation and signing?

Yes,  you certainly can! We receive requests for this service often. Some of our customers love our fingerprint guest book designs, but don’t have an occasion to create a guest book. They are just wanting to add the ink colours of their choice to our design to create their own, unique wall décor. We sell our designs without customisation along with the ink pad colours requested. These following designs look particularly great when framed as poster style prints; elephant, scooter, hot air balloon, tandem bicycle and mason jar.  When we have our designs displayed with poster style frames and matts at our expos,  we receive many compliments and requests for these prints without the customisations so they can be used as unique print.  Any of our other designs can also be used for this purpose.

Can I have a swing, birdcage or a love heart added to a tree etc.

If you would like extras added to your tree, please send us your request and we will let you know if we have the extra you are looking for.

I have lost my pen or require another ink pad – how can I order these?

Inks pads and pens can’t be ordered separately through our website. However, if you have previously placed an order with us and have lost your pen or require an extra ink pad colour etc, please contact us through our Contact us page.

Can I order extra ink pads after I have received my order?

Yes, you if you have placed an order with us and require additional ink pads we can supply these to you. Unfortunately the ink pads are required to be sent as a small parcel by Australia Post and postage will need to be added to the cost of the ink pads. Please email us with your request.

Can I post my guest book to those who can’t attend to sign?

Yes, you certainly can. If you use the mailing box we provide, you can safely post your fingerprint guest book to other places for signing. I would suggest that you make it known by those receiving the mailing box, not to destroy the box during opening and to return your tree back to you in the same box. A note written on the box is also helpful for the receiver. Our boxes are strong and made and designed for this very purpose. We have sent the same fingerprint guest tree to our own family interstate and also overseas and have received it back perfectly each time. Our inks are also fine to post with along with your fingerprint guest books, just use our packaging again.

I made a wrinkle in my fingerprint guest book paper, can I fix this?

We pack our prints very carefully so that they will arrive ready for you to use. Paper is very delicate and even though our paper is of high quality, occasionally during setting up and handling the paper may get a wrinkle.

You can remove wrinkles from the paper in a similar way to fabric. You can press with an dry, warm iron on a very smooth and hard surface. Using a damp cloth you can add moisture first to the wrinkled area and to make the paper relax. Just use dampness and not drops of water so you don’t damage the fibres of the paper. Don’t use steam settings on you iron unless the wrinkle is very stubborn, then do so with extreme care, not placing the iron directly on the paper. Be careful not to get moisture on the illustrations or the text. You can also place the paper between two flat surfaces for a day while drying. Slowly and gently is the way to go!

Please visit our Product tips page or Inks, Pens & Paper page, to find out more information about our fingerprint guest books and guest trees.