Tips & Instructions for fingerprint guest books

Fingerprint guest books are a lot of fun and an interactive way for you and your guests to create a cherished keepsake of your special day. So that you can obtain the best possible outcome with your fingerprint guest book or wedding tree, we have included the following tips and instructions for your assistance. We also provide a more detailed tip sheet with your order.


Talk to your wedding/event planner or a celebrant about your fingerprint guest book and a suitable location for it to be placed at your venue. Select an area away from high traffic and wet areas.

You and your planner should discuss how you would like your fingerprint guest book, inks, pens and any other stationery to be displayed before your big event. Make a list of all of the items you supply to your planner and also specify how you would like your guest book stored. Don’t forget to arrange a time for your planner to return your completed fingerprint keepsake.

To make some extra memories, discuss photo opportunities with your photographer to capture you and your guests as the fingerprint guest book is being signed. Discuss what stages of the developing design you would like them to capture as a memory for you also.


The most important tip we can give you is to have your fingerprint guest book attended at all times until completed. This will make all the difference to your the final outcome.

Have a few attendants rostered on if possible to share this special job, that way everyone can still enjoy the day. An “attendant’s assistant” job is also a great opportunity for younger children to become part of your special day. An “attendant’s assistant” could have a hand wipe ready and waiting for your guests to remove the ink from their fingers!

Your attendants can instruct your guests on the procedure and the best location for them to sign and place their fingerprint in your design. Signing first and then adding a fingerprint over the signature works well as our pens dry very quickly.

Your assistants can also monitor that your fingerprint guest book is growing nicely for you throughout your event and that everyone has signed it for you. If to many people are using the same colour ink they can also remove that ink pad for a while to even up your colours.

A guest list would be handy for your assistants to monitor who has and hasn’t signed throughout your event.


Display instructions for your guests to follow so they know what is required. Provide some practice sheets for those who may prefer to do a test run first. Have your MC announce the procedure or timing for your guests to sign your guest books.


Provide your guests with a container of baby wipers or wet wipes to remove any ink residue from their fingers. A baby wipe container with the labelling removed will often be suitable or place some baby wipes in a basket.

The wipes should be used immediately after your guests have completed their fingerprint. Provide a small rubbish bin for the discarded wipes where it can easily be found.

Make sure that your attendants are also able to inform your guests that the ink will not stain their clothing; it will be dry in less than 10 seconds after use.

A few of the more vibrant or strong ink colours may leave some slight staining on fingers, but re-assure your guests that this will disappear within hours.

The oils in our skin will naturally lift the ink residue and simple soap and water will wash away any ink stains that have remained. There is no need to apply any other products to remove ink residue.


Framing your fingerprint guest book for your special day will assist to protect your design by making it more stable. Please make sure for safety purposes that you remove the glass or plexi glass on the day.

Locate your fingerprint guest book away from high traffic areas and areas where drinks are being served to avoid accidental knocks or damage. When your fingerprint guest book design has been completed, have your attendant/s check that all of your guests have signed it and then make sure that it is in or is taken to a safe area where it will not be touched for the rest of your event. You may wish to place a light cover over it to indicate it has been completed to your guests.

Replace the glass or plexi glass as soon as it is safe to do so, to protect your design from any damage.


If you open your ink pads to test them, please make sure that your replace their lids promptly to avoid drying. If you are storing your ink pads for a period of time before your special event, place them in a sealed container or bag until required.


If you like the look of a larger  A2 size tree or design better than the A3 size design but have less than the recommended number of guests, you can do several things to achieve this look still. Our customers give us plenty of feedback and here are just a few ideas we would like to share with you.

Firstly, there are no rules about how your tree should be completed, it your own unique design to complete how you wish.

Some customers order the larger designs and then add any extra fingerprints themselves after completion to get the look they desire. Doing this will also fill in spaces their guests may have left out to balance up their design.

Other customers chose not to have their guests sign at all and just add their prints. Then, using a different colour ink pad they have kept aside,  they add the extra prints themselves where they would like to see them placed in their design. This idea seems to be very popular at the moment.

Customers also like to add some prints to their trees before their events from those who can’t attend on the day. This also demonstrates in real life how your fingerprint tree will be completed.

If you use the mailing box we provide, you can safely post your tree to other places for signing. I would suggest that you make it known by those receiving the mailing box, not to destroy it during opening and to return your tree back to you in the same box. Our boxes are made and prepared for this very purpose. I have sent a tree myself interstate and overseas to several places and received it back perfectly each time.

Some customers still order an A2 size tree design but send us request for their tree to be made a bit smaller – a size between the A3 and A2 sizes. This way you can have the A2 tree as displayed but add less fingerprints on it to suit your guest numbers.

These are just a few inspirational ideas for you to think about. You are most welcome to contact us with any questions you may have that will help you to achieve your desired look.


Please visit our FAQ and About fingerprint guest books pages to find more helpful information about our fingerprint guest books and wedding trees. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact us with your questions and queries.


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