Fingerprint guest books, what you should know

About fingerprint guest books

Fingerprint guest books are often, also referred to as fingerprint trees, wedding trees or thumbprint trees and guest books.  They are quickly replacing the more traditional style of guest books being a much more modern alternative. Fingerprint guest books and wedding trees, begin as printed bare designs (Complete except for the guest’s fingerprints). The designs start to take shape as they are completed by your guests when they add their individual coloured fingerprints and signatures to your design.

Fingerprint guest books and wedding trees are a great feature on your special day and fun activity for your guests to get involved in. Your guests will enjoy the interactivity and your fingerprint guest book or wedding tree will certainly be a great talking point during and after your event.

Fingerprint guests books don’t just come as fingerprint tree designs, they come in many different designs depending on your event, personalities and interests. For example, if you are using Kombis for your wedding cars, we have a Kombi fingerprint guest book design to use as a keepsake of your special day. If you are looking for something completely different that reflects your personality, we have  several very unique designs like our retro wedding couples and meerkat wedding couples. Your fingerprint guest books will be personalised with your names and dates and any other personalised written details that you request.

Ideas for fingerprint guest books

Our fingerprint guest books are very popular for Baby Showers, Gender reveal parties and guessing the sex of the new arrival.  Guests can select a blue or pink ink colour if they are guessing the sex of your new arrival. For gender reveal showers, you can disclose the sex of your new arrival when you reveal your choice of ink colour to your guests and ask them to complete you fingerprint guest book. Frame you guest book keepsake and hang it on the wall of your nursery when completed.

Our Christmas tree can also be used as a Family Tree while you have all of your family together in one place. It is also a beautiful memento and a cherished piece of Christmas décor to bring out year after year or to send on to other family members that can’t be with you. If you are looking to find a special and meaningful gift for grandparents,  a fingerprint guest book is the ideal, keepsake.

What about an Elopement Party! Announce to your family and friends that you have eloped by having a fingerprint guest book on display when they arrive. Your guests can all feel part of your celebrations when they add their fingerprints and signatures. Even though they weren’t there for your special moment, you are still able to have a beautiful keepsake of the moment you shared the news with them! You can personalise the wording, location and date etc to suit.

What make a fingerprint guest books look great

The most important questions you should ask to make sure that your fingerprint guest book will have a professional finish are:

  • The paper quality.  Is your guest book printed on high quality artist paper?  How will the paper react with the ink and pens?
  • Are the inks you are using going to give you a professional and sharp finish with smudging?
  • Is the pen you are using going to smudge or react with the inks making your guest book look untidy?
  • Is the paper, pen and inks you use going to give your keepsake longevity and archival quality?
  • Do you have instructions on how to use and store your fingerprint guest book or wedding tree to obtain the best results?

Without all of the above, things can easily go wrong. Fingerprint guest books made with poor quality paper or printed on canvas will not give you a professional look and finish and will leave you disappointed. Your guest book will look very unprofessional and messy.

The ink, paper and pens we provide will give you that professional finish you are after, to make sure that your fingerprint guest book and wedding tree will look fantastic when completed.  The ink and pens we provide dry with seconds to prevent smudging and colour runs. Not all ink pads will work the same, some just don’t sit right on the paper or they will bleed into the paper giving you a very amateur like finish. Some inks will react with certain pens and your guest’s signatures will run.

All of the products we provide have been selected and trialled over and over and we know they will work together for you. They are all high and archival quality. You need to select a product for your keepsake that will not fade or deteriorate over time. You don’t want to have your guest’s signatures disappearing over time or your beautiful ink colours fading.

Fingerprint guest books come in different sizes. Select your size based on the number of guests you have. You don’t have to be 100% accurate with the numbers as designs are flexible and you can also add extra fingerprints yourself if needed after your guests have signed if there are spaces you wish to fill. Going up a size can also give you a different effect,  fingerprints can be placed more openly and further apart if you select a larger size. Always check what amount of fingerprints is recommended for your chosen design. If you need help with sizes please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Are finger pint guest books easy to use?

Yes, our fingerprint guest books are very easy to set up and use. We provide instruction sheets with your order that cover everything you need to know from setting up to managing and storing. Your guests just need to add their fingerprints using the special inks we provide and then sign their name. Having an attendant manage your fingerprint guest book while your guests are signing is also advisable.

We have our fingerprint guest books displayed at expos and promotions and people of all ages, including children, complete our sample guest books perfectly, without any instruction. Our designs are easy for your guests to use and our inks are fool proof and can be used with confidence. Our  inks will also not be transferred on to clothes etc as they dry almost instantly.

What events can you use fingerprint guest books for?

Fingerprint guest books can be used for all special events where you have a number of guests attending and you wish to keep a memento or keepsake of this event. Whether you are having 120 guests at a wedding or 10 guests at baby shower we have a size and design to suit. Fingerprint guest books are the most popular for weddings, but they are also suitable for engagements, elopements, anniversaries, baby showers, gender reveals, christenings, naming ceremonies, milestone birthdays, farewells, teacher appreciation, holidays, family trees and business and event launches etc.

Fingerprint guest books and fingerprint trees, are one of those special gifts that can be treasured for ever e.g. A fingerprint tee can be completed by all of the grandchildren in a family and given as a special birthday or Christmas gift. These will certainly be a cherished keepsake by the grandparents who received them.

A gift certificate for a fingerprint guest book or fingerprint tree is a wonderful idea to give to someone who is getting married or about  to have a baby. They can be given for a wedding, baby shower, christening or naming ceremony or a special first birthday etc. You can purchase gift certificates for any amount through our website.

Any special occasion where friends and family will be together is a great opportunity to have a fingerprint guest book.